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Footloose Auditions

Auditions for FOOTLOOSE will be held in the Upper Hall on Sunday 29th March, from 10am to 5pm.  Please read all the information on this page very carefully, it will contain everything you need to know.


EVERYONE who wants to be in the show is REQUIRED to come, including the Chorus, for at least part of the day, according to the timetable below. If you do not attend the audition we regret that you will be unable to partake in the show - places are limited (including Chorus places), so we need to prioritise those who attend the audition day.

Scroll further down this page to see character descriptions & requirements for ALL parts (including Chorus), as well as the materials you are required to prepare (chorus parts do not require preparation). If you wish to audition for more than one part that is absolutely fine, however please only prepare ONE song (it doesn't matter which - e.g. if you wish to audition for Ariel AND Rusty, you may choose either of their listed songs and we will still consider you for both parts no matter which song you perform). You should, however, prepare all the scenes for all the characters you wish to be considered for, because you may be required to audition multiple times depending on who we have on the day.

Songs will be sung to backing tracks (tracks included in the links below, for you to practice). To get familiar with the songs and their melodies, listen to the cast album on Spotify here.

A rough breakdown of timings (a full timetable is below):

Teenagers auditioning for main parts (year 9 and above) = arrive at 10am, leave at 5pm

Teenagers auditioning for small parts (year 9 and above) = arrive at 10am, leave at 3pm

Dancing / chorus teenagers (year 8 and above) = arrive at 10am, leave at 2pm

Adults auditioning for main parts = arrive at 1pm, leave at 4pm

Adults auditioning for non-singing parts = arrive at 1pm, leave at 3pm 

Adults auditioning for the Chorus = arrive at 1pm, leave at 2pm.

In order to participate in FOOTLOOSE you must be available on:

-- Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting immediately after the auditions (Tuesday 31st March), up until the performances (you will not be needed for every rehearsal but must be generally available i.e. no other regular commitments on those days)

-- Sunday 30th August

- Sunday 6th September

-- 10th, 11th & 12th September (the performances)

Exceptions will be made for holidays within reason and with ADVANCED WARNING; and for exams and revision if you are in year 11 or year 13. If you are a principal or supporting part you will be expected to attend most rehearsals; chorus parts will be required more infrequently.

Any questions - if you are unsure what times you are required on 29th March, what and how to prepare, or you would like help with choosing what to audition for - please email the Director (M-C) at 

TIMINGS FOR AUDITIONS, 29TH MARCH, UPPER HALL (Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your start time):

10am - 12.30pm : GROUP DANCE AUDITIONS 

WHO: All teenagers (NO ADULTS)

WHAT: Bonnie will teach you all a routine which you will then perform in groups

1pm - 2pm : CHORUS SINGING 

WHO: Everyone who wants to be in the show, including all chorus applicants

WHAT: Bob will teach you a Whole Company song



WHO: Principals, Supporting, Featured characters (NO ADULT CHORUS, NO TEEN CHORUS/DANCERS)

WHAT: Scene work, in pairs or small groups, see below table for details


WHO: Principals & Supporting characters

WHAT: Solo singing auditions, see below table for details


WHO: Principal teen characters (NO ADULTS)

WHAT: Effectively a dance callback, to put you in certain roles and see what fits best

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